NH45A Erukkur Main Road

Sirkazhi (Sirkali)

Nagappattinam Dt


India- 609108

Our Lady of Erukkur Shrine 


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Holy Mass Timing


Monday to Thursday Morning     : 06:30 AM                                      

Friday and Saturday Evening      : 06:30 PM                                

Sunday Children Mass Morning   : 08:15 AM                        

Sunday Regular Mass Morning    : 09:00 AM          


Shrine services take many forms, and set liturgies may have different names. Services typically include:

  • Regular Sunday services. 

  • Holiday services. Treated like a regular Sunday service, but made more specific for the day.

  • Weddings. These are normally separate services, rather than being incorporated into a regular service, but may be either.

  • Baptisms. These may be incorporated into a regular service, or separate.

  • Confirmation. This is normally incorporated into a regular Sunday service, which will also include communion. It was traditionally the first Communion of the confirmee, but more recently children whether confirmed or not are invited to communion in some denominations.

  • Ordination of clergy. New bishops, elders, priests and deacons are usually ordained or installed generally in a solemn but celebratory ceremony on Saturday or Sunday generally open to the public either by their own superior or another approved senior minister with ordination powers either at the area headquarters church or the cathedral or another church agreed upon by those to be ordained and the ordaining ministers. Ordination of bishops or elders may require consecration by more than one individual and have a more limited audience.

  • First Communion. Children may celebrate Communion for the first time.

  • Opening of new churches or church buildings.

  • Dedication of new missionaries or those about to be sent on new missions.

  • Canonical hours

  • Divine Liturgy

  • Divine Service

  • Evening Prayer

  • Easter Vigil

  • Mass

  • Morning Prayer 


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Every Day  6:00 AM

Every Sunday from 09:00 AM to 10:30 AM